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Labour Rates

*Notice About Estimates:

We are required to provide you with a written estimate unless;

  • You decline the offer of an estimate

  • You specifically authorize a maximum amount that you will pay for repairs

  • The cost for the repairs does not exceed the maximum amount authorized without consent

*We do not charge estimate fees.

Body Labour Rate

$85.00 per Hour


$45.00 per Hour

ADAS Calibrations

*Starting at $300.00


$60.00 per Day

Certified Luxury

$95.00 per Hour

Teardown for Estimate

$85.00 per Hour

(Minium 1 hour - to be credited upon completion of repair)

Markup on Sublet


Total Loss Admin Fee


Mechanical Rate

$120.00 per Hour

Diagnostic Scanning

$60.00 per Scan

4 Wheel Alignment


Restocking Charge

30% or Posted Dealer Notice.


All prices are subject to change at any time. 

Taxes are to be applied to all listed prices.

Price list updated March 2023

See store for more details.

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